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In the grand theater of life, time struts upon the stage with an air of arrogance, reminding us that its minutes are numbered and its seconds are precious. Like elusive fireflies in a moonlit meadow, memories and moments fleet by...oh so quickly!


I still remember the day G.G. and I met, in a dingy rooftop cafe promising each other the world, with hearts full of love. And the next moment.... we are nibbling a cupcake on the evening of our 7th marriage anniversary, typing corporate jargons on our respective laptops, while managing occasional melt-downs of the prodigal kid and trying to reason with an over-enthusiastic fluffy furball.

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Time is precious...and no matter how hard we try, aiming to freeze the magic and bottle the laughter, time is that cheeky trickster, who won't wait for anyone. So, one winter morning, sitting at home, amidst this concrete jungle, I started a heartfelt endeavor to capture the fleeting moments, and seek the extraordinary in our ordinary lives! A way to celebrate the small joys and meaningful moments that compose the fabric of our existence.


From the simple pleasures of savoring a homemade meal to the exhilaration of pursuing personal passions and traveling the world, I believe that every facet of our lives has a story worth telling. By sharing our journey, we hope to inspire others to cultivate authenticity, embrace their passions, and create a life that resonates with purpose and fulfillment.

Join us on our journey, as we explore life - One flight, One bite, One click, and One fabulous blog post at a time!

About Us

Who are we, you ask?

Well, let's peel back the layers of laughter and unveil the extraordinary ensemble that makes up our eccentric crew!
Meet the Bohemian Bongs: A Corporate Couple, a Kid, and a Canine on a comical quest!

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